Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Emmy for Toot & Puddle

Here are some of the Location Designs I submitted for the Emmys this year. It was a great show to work on, and will be a memorable experience because of the great people I worked with . Particularly Christian Larocque, Tom Pajdhauser, Alan Stewart, and Bryan Popowich. Thanks lads.


Doctor Jones said...

Magic work!
Bookmarked you into favs.

Really inspiring.

Hope you keep on postin'!

Fabián J. Cuevas said...

Hey Dave!

Congratulations on the Emmys, man, I love your stuff!

Out of all these, I gotta say my favorites are the Tokyo city streets. There's something in this particular style that feels amazing when applied to rigid, modern structures.

Amazing work!

RAWLS said...

These are beautiful my friend!! My daughter loves the show, so I get to watch it more than I probably would. Really great stuff!

Elizabeth said...

argh those bgs are awesome! congrats again, great work :)

Unknown said...

all of these are beautfiul - i especially love the winter house image

brandykruse said...

off the hook amazing. thanks!