Monday, September 26, 2011

Before Moby became a Dick

Here is the piece I had submitted for the art show 'Night out at the Movies'. It was a great turn out and most of the pieces sold that night. The show runs in conjunction with the Animation Festival here in town. Pop by to see them displayed for another week.

I had the idea of showing Moby Dick, in a more serious manner. See pen sketch below.

Then I thought about what it might be like with Ahab and Moby before the 'incident'. So I had them sharing a beer together.

In the end I thought it might be wiser to just have them play a game of shuttle cock together. I mean they are sea fairing lads after all. So the sketch below was in the end the final result.


Trent Correy said...

ha, these are great, nice pen sketches! Wish I could have made the event!

Daniel Woodling said...

I love seeing your process sketches with this painting! They're almost as awesome as the painting itself.

Unknown said...

Nice! These thumbnail drawings make me want to rummage through your sketch books.