Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thanks Luc and Moebius

I recently went to a blog I most respect. Mr Luc Ushuaia. His work is incredible and worth checking out. In his recent post he gives praise and thanks to one of his hero's, Moebius. Here's what Luc had to say, as loosely translated here:

"A giant disappears and great sadness came over me. In looking for some images for this tribute to the man who was perhaps the most profound artistic influence of my adolescence, the immensity of this loss hit me hard. As hundreds of artists of my generation, it's a big thanks to him that I became myself. This is not only protean talent unheard of for drawing, but also this unique blend of humor, poetry and spirituality that I will miss. Goodbye, Mister Moebius, Sir Doctor ... Master Jean Giraud. Thank you for enlightened our lives. You take your flight to greater light ... Good luck and Godspeed."

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