Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jimmy Two Shoes

Pencil crayon sketches based on a traffic jam in hell. Top drawing I used a little Photoshop action. I like the use of pencil crayon because you can be really loose and still get a somewhat accurate view of what you want to convey.

As you can tell by the date these were early development on first season.


Heidi Smith said...

Really great sketches!! Funny too!!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

It was really a fantastic sketches.i like them all.

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Unknown said...

I like the snaps it looks fabulous.

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Mazlow said...

I find the 2nd looks the most like a traffic jam down under. Its disorderly and quite chaotic. Nevertheless, just wanted to thank you for the 5min lecture you gave us 2nd years back in October about doing thumbnails effectively. It helped me a great deal.


Jules Cherubin said...

pro, im feeling this