Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Darth Vader

I just had to share this drawing with you. My 6 year old son drew it. When I told him how much I liked it, he said he wasn't satisfied with the result. He said he should have added the cape. But I love the gesture and the weight of the pose, as well as the casual light saber over the shoulder. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

Love it! Looking good Sam.

Hobo Divine said...


I love the nonchalant-ness of his gesture sort of Sears catalog "Man-about-town" pose.

I love art from children.
I struggle to get this kind of magic!
(why is that? How do we lose what we already had?)

Dave 'Diamond' Merritt said...

Hey Guys thanks for stopping by. Hobo,...I can't seem to leave a comment on your Blog. Is that on purpose? Just noticed that the other day. Great stuff by the way.

Jefferson Allen said...

I think Sam is gunning for your job buddy! Watch your back.

brandykruse said...

My god! That may be my favorite Darth ever. Not kidding.